ACL Reconstruction Surgery Recovery - Twelth Month

12 Months

Shortly after my 11 month post I was experiencing a lot of locking and popping in the knee - so bad that I scheduled another MRI. I eventually realized that stretching (painfully) my leg's hamstrings and quads a lot more helped ease the tension in the joint. I did a few long stretch & holds which over time allowed more range of motion, and in the long run helped out a lot. I've also been taking 3 Fish Oil Pills which I heard (from the Joe Rogan podcast) helps with joint pain.

UPDATE: The surgeon showed me a lump of scar tissue outside of where the patella graft was taken, and claimed that it might be the cause of the discomfort. I passed on the option of having a scope done to break up the scar tissue as he said the body should break it down on its own over time.

Check out the Knee Surgery ACL Forum for more information!

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