ACL Reconstruction Surgery Recovery - Second Month

You'll still be a little slow in your second month after ACL knee surgery, but slowly and surely you'll continue to feel like your old self.

Week 6 (Day 38)

I was able to go to the beach today, I wrapped my knee for support while on the unstable sand, but was able to (while being very careful) go into the ocean without hurting my leg. Side note: I was so focused on my leg that I lost my sunglasses to the first wave that hit me, not thinking about the fact that trying to make sure waves didn't break on my knee meant I had to get low enough for them to break on my head... *shrug*.

Week 8 (Day 50)

It's been a while since I've written an update, mainly because it's been the same story: swelling has gradually continued to go down in the knee, and I've been able to walk with a less-noticeable limp. Flexibility has been gradually coming back, at my last physical therapy session I was able to bend 110 degrees while on my stomach, and able to fully straighten out my knee after 3 attempts/stretches.

Week 9 (Day 57)

I'm writing this on July 4th, and my knee has been doing great lately. I went on an all-day bar crawl recently that involved a ton of walking and ended up really straining the non-knee muscles in my bad leg as they were overcompensating for its lack of strength. Although it's almost been two months since surgery, I learned the hard way that my leg is nowhere near full strength still, and staying on my legs for ~10 hours straight is far from a good idea (the calf pain was that bad).

Check out the Knee Surgery ACL Forum for more information!

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